How to increase your vertical leap

vertical leapA person’s athletic ability is usually measured by numbers. It can be the size of the person’s muscles, how fast they can run the 40 yard dash or how high their vertical leap is. People may have different abilities, but they usually share one thing in common. Whatever number they have, they want to improve on it.

A person ay want bigger muscles or they may want to run the 40 a second faster or they could want to increase their vertical leap by 6 inches. It does not matter what the goal of the individual is. In order to reach that goal a person has to have a plan on how to do it. When it comes to increasing the vertical leap, there are a few things that should be included in the plan.


There are many exercises that can help a person improve their vertical leap. The most common exercises that are used are plyometric exercises. These exercises involve jumps, hops and bounds. The idea of these exercises is to increase the strength of the calf muscles and the Achilles tendon.

These muscles provide the explosion that is needed to lift the body off of the ground. The exercises will stress these muscles and will allow them to become bigger and stronger. That will translate into an increased vertical leap.

These exercises can be done in two ways. They can be done in short repetitions of the exercise. It is also possible to build these muscles by stretching the muscles and holding them in the stretched position. A good exercise plan will include a variety of exercise that works both of the legs the same way.

Exercise equipment

Like building any other muscle group, the use of equipment can improve the results that a person is able to get from the exercise. Many people turn to jump soles or strength shoes. These include a rubber pieces that is place on the forefoot. The rubber piece forces the person to walk on their toes and provides additional force on the calf muscles while a person is exercising in these shoes. As the muscles get stronger from the shoes, the vertical leap of a person will increase.

The combination of exercise and the strength shoes or jump soles is the best way to increase vertical leap. A person needs to be careful about how they do this. While it is okay to work a specific group of muscles, it is important that it is only one part of a complete exercise program. Overworking the lower leg muscles can lead to strains, tears and other problems.

If a person is trying to use the exercise and equipment to increase their vertical leap, they need to pay attention to their body. If the lower leg muscles are sore after a workout that may be okay. If the soreness does not go away or is more than a person thinks it should be, it might be a good idea to back off the exercise regimen until the soreness subsides.

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When done properly, the results that can be achieved with these methods are amazing. People will soon find themselves jumping higher and running faster thanks to the programs that re designed to increase the vertical leap.

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